Kiss old connectors

Introducing an embedded, tiny solid-state solution that transfers and streams huge amounts of data and video almost instantaneously.

Connectors have been reinvented.
Product design has been set free.

Engineered for freedom.

Kiss Connectivity frees up space to design new product form factors.

Based on solid state, electromagnetic and materials technology, our tiny connector is designed to be discreetly tucked away inside devices, sealed and safeguarded from the elements or mechanical failures.

Insanely fast and power-friendly.

Using Kiss Connectivity, two devices can transfer data at up to 6 Gbits per second. That's a 1GB movie in as little as two seconds.

And it uses a fraction of the power of a wireless connection and requires no set-up. It's disruptively simple.

Works and plays well with others.

Kiss Connectivity does not discriminate. It supports standard protocols. Plus, there's no programming overhead or software drivers required.

It also co-exists with all wireless power standards and will have configurations that integrate wired power.

Welcome to a new era of connectivity.

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makes possible