Director/Senior Director Regulatory Compliance


Campbell, California

The Role:

This position requires close collaboration with Keyssa’s Hardware Design Team, Core Engineering Team and CTO Team to define the relevant worldwide EMC/EMI and RF standards and regulatory requirements and measure and certify compliance with these standards and requirements.  This position will also be responsible for providing guidance, and responding to questions, from Keyssa’s customers regarding regulatory testing and compliance. This position will report to Keyssa’s Chief Legal Officer.

Job Responsibilities:

  • In-house EMC/EMI analysis and testing
  • US and international EMC/EMI certification of Keyssa products
  • Working with third-party labs to perform RF testing and analyze results
  • Regulatory technical interface to Keyssa customers, regulatory organizations, and internal engineering teams
  • Coordination with Keyssa Engineering and CTO relating to regulatory compliance


  • Masters or Ph.D in Electrical Engineering
  • Strong mathematical background and intuitive understanding of EHF radiated EM fields
  • Deep knowledge of, and extensive experience with, global EMC/EMI regulatory standards, certification labs, and national authorities.
  • Excellent technical writing, communication and presentation skills