Mechanical Design Engineer


Taipei, Taiwan

About the Position:

As the Mechanical Design Engineer, you will be working directly with the EM (Electro Magnetic) and HW (Hardware) team. You will support EM engineers in their design of new EM structures (Plastic, Metal) for Keyssa’s EHF Contactless connector product line. You will create prototypes of these EM design that the HW team can validate on test benches. You will also review customer platforms, analyze their mechanical step file and recommend changes for a successful implementation of Keyssa 60GHz wireless connectors.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Support and advice EM engineers on new EM designs and EM structures
  • Build actual prototypes (3D print, machining) to validate the EM designs
  • Review customer design and recommend needed changes
  • Prototype customer designs to fit on Keyssa internal validation platform
  • Work with HW engineers to measure performance of internal EM and customer design across mechanical offsets XYZ
  • Design and optimize Keyssa XYZ offset test benches

Qualifications desired:

  • Experience with SolidWorks required
  • Mechanical Design Experience with plastics and Metal required
  • Understanding of 60GHz propagation through materials desired but not required
  • Experience with 3D printer desired
  • Experience working with external machine houses desired

Educational Requirements:

  • BSEE required, MSEE preferred

About Keyssa:

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