Keyssa’s goal is to free mobile devices from wires, and from bandwidth limits, so that people and businesses can enjoy a greater level of mobile connectivity than has ever been possible.

We call this our “Connected World” initiative – and we’re working with investors like Foxconn, Samsung and Tony Fadell to build a standard of standards so that our working, production-grade, connector-less connectivity can be truly interoperable across smartphones, cars, homes, and businesses.

Simply put:

  • Keyssa envisions a world where devices can touch each other, and in touching, exchange very large data sets.
  • We envision devices that can attach to another device, and in so doing, provide vastly more power and functionality to the first device.
  • We believe this will be done without wires and without sacrificing the technical advantages that wires offer.
  • We believe this functionality will be embedded in the devices we use every day: our phones; our cars, our cameras, our peripherals.

Read more about out Connected World vision by clicking on the links below:

“We envision a world where devices are connected by simply touching each other, and in that simple touch, gigabits of information are transferred and shared. Keyssa’s technology can enable this vision.”

Dr. Chen
CTO, Foxconn

“Soon we will be able to see very high-speed connectivity between the automobile, the home and the phone truly creating a connected world without requiring expensive mobile data connections.”

Tony Fadell
iPod inventor, iPhone designer, founder NEST
Advisor to Keyssa

“Samsung was an early investor in Keyssa because we believe that their unique technology has the potential to shape this new era of connectivity.”

Young Sohn
President and Chief Strategy Officer, Samsung Electronics
Chairman of the Board, Harman

“We are happy to be working with our investors, all of whom have been unbelievably supportive throughout the development of this innovative technology. We can all envision a world where devices are free from wires and mechanical connectors without sacrificing bandwidth or security. This has been our vision from day one.”

Eric Almgren
CEO Keyssa