The Google Chromebook: Underdog No More

By Jason Zhang, Marketing

This past quarter, for the first time ever, tech giant and industry leader Apple finally suffered its first loss in sales against none other than the Google Chromebook. Analyst firm IDC released data detailing that in the most recent quarter, sales of Google Chromebooks in the U.S. have surpassed those of Macs by a whopping 37% (Apple Insider).

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Hit the Road, Jack

By Steve Venuti, VP Strategic Solutions

Apple is booting the headphone jack for good…or so it is rumored:

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Where is the PC Going?

By Jason Zhang, Marketing

It comes as a little surprise to many that the personal computer is gradually starting to lose its footing as the main player in the computing market. With new and developing technologies offering more innovative and efficient solutions, the PC has slowly begun to phase out of consumers’ most wanted devices. According to research outfit IDC, the PC market has recently suffered its “biggest decline in history.”

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The Future of Mobile Waterproofing

By Steve Venuti, VP Strategic Solutions

Every major step forward in the development of mobile device technologies has stemmed from addressing the greatest consumer desires. From the desire for greater processing power to increased memory to enhanced camera capabilities and more, the mobile phone has grown to satisfy and adapt to all of these needs. However, according to Simon McElrea, CEO of Semblant Inc., there are still some remaining areas that need improvement:

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