The Fragility of Metal (you can hear the kids screaming)

By Steve Venuti
VP Marketing, Keyssa

This week saw ominous words for Switch gamers coming out of Nintendo:

‘We are aware of recent reports that some Joy-Con controllers are not responding correctly’

As focused as Nintendo is with an unparalleled user experience, everything can fall apart at that potential single point of failure….the mechanical connector.

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Hardware Is No Longer Hard

Steve Venuti, VP Marketing, Keyssa

For the longest time, hardware was exactly as the name suggests: hard, rigid, inflexible. Purchasing an HDTV or a cell phone meant first choosing a screen size…features were the next level of decision making. Why? Because the physical form factor, whether on your wall or in your pocket or purse, was not going to change. It was immutable. But all that is changing.

2 Cases in Point: Displays and Phones

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