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Reliving Keyssa’s Early Years: An Evening with Stanford MBA Students

By Steve Venuti, VP Strategic Solutions

Last Thursday evening, I spent 2 hours at Stanford’s Business School participating in Rob Siegel’s class entitled: “Entrepreneurship – Formation of New Ventures.” Stanford has written a case study on the transitional days of Keyssa when Eric Almgren was brought in as CEO and all the management issues associated with that kind of fundamental organizational change.

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Even Dinosaurs Evolve – the USB Type-C Connector

By Roger Isaac, Chief Technology Officer

There’s been a lot of fanfare about the new USB Type-C connector, and I suppose there should be. The latest in the line of USB connectors continues the evolution of smaller mechanical connectors capable of higher data rates. It’s another step forward for both consumers and manufacturers. It can deliver a lot of power. And it’s reversible. It all sounds so good. But…

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When You Look to Replace Connectors, Look Deep Inside

Guest Blog Post
David Pheteplace, Senior VP, Bishop & Associates

We all know the pains of using external connectors – wear and tear, interference with wireless signals, holes in the side of our otherwise sleek products. But when it comes to replacing standard electronic connectors, there is huge opportunity beneath the surface of our devices.

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Introducing Kiss Connectivity

By Eric Almgren, CEO

I know from experience you only get one chance to come out of stealth mode, so you have to make it count. So I’m especially proud to introduce Keyssa to the world today and announce that our five-year mission to reinvent the connector is ready for prime time.

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