Hit the Road, Jack

By Steve Venuti, VP Strategic Solutions

Apple is booting the headphone jack for good…or so it is rumored:




Limited by the 3.5 mm space the audio jack requires, mobile phones are currently forced to be designed around those finicky slots. With iPhone 7, pundits say the door will finally close. With it, another tangled chapter of computer and phone history comes to an end.




Once engineers no longer have to accommodate a whole 3.5 mm of required real estate for the age-old audio jack, they can do more enlightened things, like make the devices amphibious or curve edges where jacks used to live. Best of all, the device can be thinner. Anyone who has dared to open up their phone to see what’s inside can clearly see how the internal real estate is intensely precious. Connectors, inside and out, are the urban sprawl of electronic circuitry.


The shift of an industry towards less cables and more freedom can already be seen in movements such as these. Despite not removing the ports entirely – the USB Type C connector will remain – this serves as a solid first step towards cutting out the need for wires and achieving full wireless functionality.


But with the wireless airwaves already choked with traffic, the industry needs alternative methods to move media between devices. As manufacturers seal their devices for good, Kiss Connectivity is there to take over where jacks left off.


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