Introducing Kiss Connectivity

By Eric Almgren, CEO

I know from experience you only get one chance to come out of stealth mode, so you have to make it count. So I’m especially proud to introduce Keyssa to the world today and announce that our five-year mission to reinvent the connector is ready for prime time.

We’re ushering in a new era of device-to-device connectivity that simplifies secure, instant data flow between devices – freeing product designers and consumers from metal connectors, cables and wireless-bandwidth limits. We call it “Kiss Connectivity.”

And since we’re now explaining ourselves to the public, and not just our investors and development customers, I should probably make it clear just what a connector is and why reinventing it is a breakthrough.

Connectors are a long-overlooked-but-essential component in every computer and mobile device. OEMs and industrial designers know this – but if you take the back off your laptop, break down your tablet or explore inside your cellphone, you’ll see big, oddly shaped metal and circuit-board parts next to every port and pin.

Outside of WiFi or some version of WiFi, these mechanical parts are the only way to get information in or out of your device. That’s a problem because a) they take up a lot of space and b) they get bigger the more data you try to push through them. They also cause interference with other parts of your device. And these parts haven’t changed much in decades, even as touchscreens, chips, processors, storage and GUIs have evolved rapidly.

And we all know how hard it is to actually use wireless networks to move large files – like hi-res photos, video, or HD movies. Bandwidth is always constrained – but there are more and more large files to move, more often.

Keyssa asked:  what if there was a much, much faster, more secure way to get huge files from machine to machine, a way that also used far less power than existing solutions and caused no interference?

Five years later, Kiss Connectivity is the answer. And it will free up designers, OEMs and consumers in ways we can barely imagine.

We’ve been heads down working on a tiny, solid-state system that simplifies data flow between devices. To achieve this, our team broke the mold and made significant breakthroughs in mechanical design, electromagnetics, materials science, and semiconductor technologies.

Now, you can kiss old connectors goodbye, and say hello to a better way to transfer data across any device: instantly, securely and simply. Kiss Connectivity is a connector in a tiny flexible form that mobile devices demand, which is fast enough to support all modern wired protocols like USB 3.0, DisplayPort, SATA, PCIe, while remaining cost effective, ultra low power and fast to implement.

Recently, we’ve had our sleeves rolled up working side by side with early customers to prototype devices with our sample connectors. And they have hit the ground running working on new form factors, user experiences and getting a competitive differentiator with our revolutionary connector.

It was time to open the door and invite mobile and computing hardware manufacturers to take a look at Kiss Connectivity. We know your industrial designers struggle to create beautiful products around large, delicate and mechanical connectors. And, we know your customers struggle to share, sync and store their data on your devices, especially videos, movies and large media files. That’s why we reinvented the connector.

On behalf of the team here at Keyssa, I am excited to share Kiss Connectivity with you. This is just the beginning for us as we launch the Kiss Connectivity category today and prepare to introduce our products in the first half of 2015.

Be sure to check out our technology, and see how we expect to create a new era of connectivityLet’s connect.

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