Keyssa is at the Center of the LED Video Wall Explosion

By Steve Venuti
VP Marketing, Keyssa

Mention the words “LED Video Wall” to anyone at Keyssa, and their eyes will light up. The LED video wall market is at that rocket ship point of inflection where price, market need, and enabling technology are all empowering entirely new uses cases for a world where stunning displays will be everywhere — from the sides of buildings to lobby walls to conference rooms and ultimately, to the walls of your home. And Keyssa’s wireless connector, quite literally, is at the center of all this.

Traditionally, LED video walls have been relegated to huge installations where very low resolutions would suffice; stadium scoreboards, digital signage…installations that were far and few between. But that’s changing dramatically. Today, LED video walls are used for advertising, art, architecture, events, informational kiosks, brand statements on the sides of buildings….and soon, in your company’s lobby and conference room….and finally, in your home, where you will be able to piece together an LED wall in any shape, in any room, at any size you want.




The Infinity Wall in Doha





 Nexen’s R&D Center in Seoul



So why all the excitement?

Plummeting cost of LEDs:
The cost of the most expensive component, the individual LED, is decreasing at break-neck speed

Higher resolutions with decreasing pixel pitch
The distance between LEDs is decreasing rapidly, so the years-old video wall that looked like a bunch of big dots up close now is capable of resolutions up to 8K

Configurability: modular construction
LED Modules, manufactured in small tiles, seamlessly connect together in a highly flexibly, configurable manner, to any size and any shape

True black – much improved contrast
Unlike LCD technology, that essentially attempts to “shade” the light to create black, emissive LED displays achieve true black by emitting no light at all

No glare, annoying reflections – viewable in bright light
The downside of LCD panels: the upside of direct-view LED emissive displays


How does Keyssa fit into this picture?

Very neatly. Imagine the number of wires connecting all these modules – one connected to the other – hundreds of LED tiles. It’s not only a huge mass of cables and connectors behind each video wall –very expensive and cumbersome — it also happens to be the NUMBER ONE complaint of integrators who have been installing these walls for years.

Reliability of the connection remains the highest priority for integrators, followed closely by minimizing the complexity, cost and time required to do an installation – another benefit of embedding the connector inside the modules themselves rather than requiring the extra step of connecting each module manually with a cable.


Looking towards the future: LED video walls make their way into your living room

As with any new AV technology, commercial enterprises are the first to adopt. But as the price comes down, and as the technology become easy to use, consumers will quickly see the benefits. Samsung has famously become the first to announce their intentions with “The Wall” – targeted towards consumers, these massive displays utilize Samsung’s fine pitch MicroLED tiles to create displays from 75”up to a whopping 292-inchs! Samsung invites consumers to see how Samsung has “reimagined the TV.” (see a ZDNet article on Samsung’s CES 2020 announcements: CES 2020: “Samsung expands Micro LED TV home lineup” – )

Samsung’s The Wall shows the future of displays in your home


And looking toward the future, when you buy your modular TV in a box and assemble the entire huge screen yourself…. you will not need to connect all these modules physically with a cable. Keyssa’s wireless connector will be that embedded connectivity infrastructure that enables the average consumer to create their own custom display wall with about as much effort and time as it takes to assemble a Lego set.

And until then, Keyssa will continue to be the connector of choice for professional video wall integrators who want peace of mind knowing that their video wall installation is connected with solid-state connectors, rather than that archaic device that requires you to push two pieces of metal together and pray they don’t fail.

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Reliability and Security
Think wireless is less reliable than a physical connector? Think again. With a Bit-Error-Rate of 10-15, Keyssa’s solid-state connector performs as well or better than any mechanical connector. With a meantime between failure measured in thousands of years, not number of insertions. Read the white paper:  Reliability and Security of Keyssa’s Solid-state Connectors

View this 12-minute narrated presentation on Keyssa’s wireless connector for video walls

Video Demonstrations
Overview of Keyssa Technology
Cabinet-to-cabinet connection
LED Module-to-cabinet connection

Product Brief:
Keyssa’s Connector Video Wall Product Brief

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