Kiss Connectivity Launch Highlights

By Eric Almgren, CEO

What a rush!

I’ve been involved in the launch of several startups over the course of my career, and it never loses its thrill, especially when you know you have an industry changing category on your hands.

Kiss Connectivity is one of those breakthroughs that not only changes an industry completely, but catapults technology forward by decades in one fell swoop.

Don’t just take my word for it, take Bloomberg’s.

Brad Stone has said Keyssa’s connections “are fast enough to make huge files such as ultrahigh-definition movies and photo libraries easy to share.”

Boy Genius Report (BGR) was also kind enough to call Keyssa’s Kiss Connectivity “amazing” and note that it “might change smartphone design forever,” a sentiment echoed by Business Insider.

Meanwhile, Gigaom pointed out that Keyssa has already “attracted the interest of some pretty significant players in the consumer electronics and tech industry.”

As I noted earlier in my first blog, I’m so excited about how contactless connectivity will help industrial designers redefine the look and feel of devices going forward. The possibilities being opened up are endless.

Kiss Connectivity is based on the back of the little solid state transfer engine that could…. that could improve the data flow between devices, quickly, seamlessly, securely. And we’re all riding that engine.

The ugly metal connector duckling has been re-created as a sleek and elegant swan, on turbo speed.

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