Keyssa® Announces its KSS104U Solid-state Wireless Connector Adding Single-chip USB2 Functionality

Designed for Automated Test, Mobile and PC/tablet Applications

Las Vegas, NV, CES – January 6, 2020 – Keyssa®, the leader in high-speed, contactless connectivity, today announced its next-generation component connector product, the KSS104U, which adds native USB 2.0 bi-directional connectivity in a single chip-to-chip implementation. A tiny, low-power, solid-state electromagnetic connector, the KSS104U adds the USB 2.0 High Speed connectivity to the large number of protocols currently supported by the KSS104M. Like the KSS104M, the KSS104U can be easily integrated into customers’ end products without requiring any changes to their software or firmware.

“USB 2.0 High Speed is one of the most pervasive protocols in the market,” said John LeMoncheck, president of Keyssa. “It is critical for us to offer a single chip-to-chip USB 2.0 High Speed link in the same small 3 x 3 mm form factor as our KSS104M product. Now, with just one transceiver embedded on each side, devices can communicate bi-directionally at 480 Mbps.”

Keyssa’s KSS104M and KSS104U are tiny, low-cost, low-power, solid-state, embeddable electromagnetic connectors that securely move huge files at high bandwidth between devices without a mechanical connector. With embedded solid-state connectors, Keyssa is unleashing a new era that will change the way devices communicate and free engineers to design devices in entirely new ways. The KSS104U shares the same technical attributes as the KSS104M: low power, low latency, easily integratable and in the same super small footprint.

The KSS104U is targeted towards applications where a USB 2.0 High Speed link is critical, and where mechanical connectors are problematic. Product test on the production line is one key application where any high-volume consumer device or industrial electronic component has issues with mechanical connectors. Probes, pogo pins, and mechanical connectors have severe limitations in bandwidth and directly impact both test time and cost. With one KSS104U embedded in the device under test, product testing can be fully automated, and both test times and costs can be slashed. Other key applications include automated data capture devices, where connectors routinely fail in harsh environments, as well as ruggedized laptops and tablets.

“An embedded KSS104U in small IoT products that don’t have an external data connector is a game changer for factory test and diagnostics applications,” says Dr. G. Chen, who serves as CTO of Foxconn and who leads Foxconn’s advanced manufacturing initiatives. “With an embedded virtual connector like the KSS104U, we can fully automate the entire production line, saving money and increasing yield. And this problem extends beyond IoT – any consumer electronics product could benefit from this. Fast and secure connectivity for production line testing is a major advantage of Keyssa’s wireless connector products.”

The KSS104U will sample at the end of Q1 with mass production targeted for Q3 2020.

Keyssa to Demonstrate KSS104U at CES
Keyssa will be demonstrating the KSS104U at CES. Demonstrations are available by appointment only. For more information, please contact Keyssa at


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