Keyssa’s Technology Connects Second Screen in LG’s New V50
ThinQ 5G Smartphone

High-speed Contactless Connector Enables New Designs and New Use Cases

Campbell, California – May 24, 2019 – Keyssa, a leader in high-speed, contactless connectivity, today announced that its contactless connector technology is being used by LG to seamlessly connect the Dual Screen accessory in LG’s V50ThinQ 5G smartphone, announced at MWC in February of 2019 and currently shipping. Designed to resemble a cover case, Dual Screen opens up to give LG V50ThinQ 5G owners a second OLED display for double the viewing. LG’s software that manages the two screens powers a number of multitasking features and enables completely new applications for smartphone consumers.

“Although we love the portability and overall size of our smartphones, we are limited by the single screen,” said David Yoon, VP of Product Planning, LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. “And with 5G coming soon, the number of applications requiring two screens will explode. “It’s not just a matter of larger screen size; it’s a matter of multi-tasking – having two separate applications open at the same time, each with their own independent full screen without having to share one screen with two apps. The V50ThinQ 5G provides this kind of next-generation functionality without adding much to the overall thickness of the phone.”


The detachable Dual Screen is a 6.2-inch FHD+ OLED FullVision panel with a 2160 x 1080 resolution at 390 PPI. Dual screens enable a variety of applications, including a touchscreen control panel for gaming; live streaming while chatting with friends; multitasking on a regular basis while streaming movies, triple picture preview (second screen shows three different potential camera shots – pick the one you want before you take the picture), and map and text – just swoosh the location to your messaging app to let friends know where to meet. Potential uses for the Dual Screen are many.

The Dual Screen is connected to the main display using one of Keyssa’s KSS104M contactless connectors. Keyssa’s KSS104M can be safely tucked inside the skin of products and can transmit and receive data at extremely fast data rates, at speeds up to 6Gbps, by the devices seamlessly “touching” each other. The KSS104M is designed to run standard protocols, including USB SuperSpeed, DisplayPort, Ethernet, as well as other high-speed serial protocols and lower-speed protocols. With a very small 3mm x 3mm footprint, Keyssa’s contactless connectivity can be used in smartphones to connect second screens, to enable high-speed data throughput while docking, and to create an attachment port for accessory devices.

“Keyssa’s Kiss Connectivity was developed to free product designers from the limitations of mechanical connectors,” said Eric Almgren, CEO, Keyssa. “LG’s V50 ThinQ 5G with its Dual Screen is a perfect example of innovative product design uniquely enabled by Keyssa technology. We firmly believe that mechanical connectors and age-old pogo pin technology cannot meet the changing connectivity requirements of new product designs. Keyssa is the product designer’s best friend by eliminating the constraints and inadequacies of traditional mechanical connector technology.

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