One Connector is One Too Many

By Steve Venuti, VP Strategic Solutions

I remember in the early days of HDMI (2002), we were considering the messaging platform for launching what would become the new interconnectivity standard for consumer electronics devices. We had two obvious choices for the primary message:

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The BIG Deal About Connectors in Mobile Devices

Guest Blog Post
David Pheteplace, Senior VP, Bishop & Associates

Bishop & Associates is about connectors and interconnect research and metrics. I spend most of my working days thinking about connectors. Where are they used? How many are used? What are the benefits of different connector types and what are the problems? Ad infinitum. You might say I am obsessed. So why are mobile device connectors such a BIG deal?

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The Old Way is… OLD

By Gary McCormack, Keyssa Co-Founder and CTO

For my own particular reasons, I had arrived at the conclusion that connectors had to get out of our way. But the path there required going back in time.

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Introducing Kiss Connectivity

By Eric Almgren, CEO

I know from experience you only get one chance to come out of stealth mode, so you have to make it count. So I’m especially proud to introduce Keyssa to the world today and announce that our five-year mission to reinvent the connector is ready for prime time.

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