The World’s Thinnest Laptop Ever

By Mariel van Tatenhove, VP Product

A notebook thinner than a centimeter? Made possible through Kiss Connectivity

When we launched Kiss technology over a year ago, one of our promises was that designers could come up with thinner and aesthetically improved devices.  So we started working with a partner to deliver just that.


Free your laptop from its limitations

Metal connectors, the age-old thorn in designers’ sides, have always been the most restricting factor when it comes to creating a thin, sleek product. Certain companies have succeeded in making some clever designs with very thin sides, yet they are ultimately still forced to concede to allotting precious real estate for those finicky metal slots. These ports also don’t particularly help if you want to improve your products aesthetically: holes with metal, not exactly a thing of beauty.


Meet the thinnest laptop in the world

Together with a partner in Taiwan, Keyssa helped design the thinnest, slimmest, and leanest laptop in the world. How? By taking out all metal connections, save for three small pogo pins in the back. Why would you embed all these ports in your laptop, if you only need to use them at certain times and for certain tasks? By taking them out we have created the thinnest, sexiest notebook on the planet, but one might ask: “what do I do if I need one of those ports at some point?”



Meet your “ports-on-the-go”

Easy: for those situations you simply pull out the credit-card size port expander from your bag, snap it onto the back of the laptop and you are in business…high-speed business. A magnetic connection secures the port expander in place and the pogo pins provide the power. Rather than keeping all of those ports stuck on the device at all times, the port expander enables you to use your peripherals whenever you want to. Here, Keyssa’s Kiss Connectors work like magic in the laptop, and the port expander provides you with your high-speed ports when and where you need them. This prototype provides 2 USB ports, HDMI and a memory slot, but the options for other configurations are completely flexible and limitless.



This is just the first of many ideas made possible through the high-speed contactless connectivity solution that Keyssa offers. With Kiss Connectivity, manufacturers and designers will truly be able to innovate their products in new and revolutionary ways, and we’re excited to see what the future will hold.

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