Wireless Connectors for Video Walls and Displays

Enabling wire-free connectivity, improving connection reliability, and reducing Total Cost of Ownership

Keyssa has developed a tiny solid-state connector that provides low-power, high-speed data transfer – securely and simply, from one device to another when two devices come into close proximity.

This embedded connector eliminates mechanical connectors and cables, enabling quick and simple video wall installation and repair, and improving the reliability of LED module and cabinet-to-cabinet connectivity.

Keyssa’s 3mm x 3mm footprint is small enough to be embedded anywhere.

Video Wall Connectivity Today

  • Pogo pins and mechanical connectors are unreliable, prone to signal errors and susceptible to wear and tear
  • Cables are costly, complex, messy and lead to manual installation errors
  • Complex cabling adds to high installation costs
  • Unreliable connectivity increases field service and repair
  • Existing connectivity technology increases Total Cost of Ownership

Video Wall Connectivity with Keyssa

  • Kiss to Connect – LED modules and cabinets automatically connect when assembled
  • Ultra-reliable embedded connector protected from environmental hazards – with no need for mechanical connectors, cables or pogo pins
  • Simple to install – no messy cables
  • Waterproof, dust proof, weather proof
  • Error-free transmission of high-speed video signals and low-speed control signals

Bring Components Together for an Automatic High-speed Connection

  • LED Module-to-backplane

  • Cabinet-to-cabinet